>danes me ni bilo veliko na blogu in me tudi ne bo. da pa ne pozabim.. med iskanjem ne-vem-točno-kaj-je-že-blo sem našla nek totalno odf*kan blog. tequila mockingbird. (zguglajte sami)
smešno tako, da se polulaš v hlače. res. okej, no. vsaj tolko, da ti začnejo solze tečt od smeha. okej, no, vsaj MENI so. mir.
in na blogu je bilo tudi tole (glej spodaj), kar je po mojem mnenju zelo lepo napisano:

“everyone knows.
everyone has noticed.
the way they don’t look each other in the eye most of the time.
the way that, when they eventually do, they seem to forget everyone else is around.
the way they lean in close to talk to each other. about everything.
the way his hand sometimes comes to rest on the small of her back.
the way it lingers there for just a few seconds longer than it should.
the way she looks at him when she thinks no one sees. including him.
the way she looks away when he catches her.
the way she says something under her breath and no one hears her. but him.
the way she closes her eyes when he hugs her good-bye so she can breathe in the way he smells.
the way he notices.
her toenail polish.
her perfume.
her faraway look when she’s wishing everyone else would just leave. leave them alone. alone together.
he says they’re just friends.
he says he doesn’t know.
doesn’t know the way she feels.
doesn’t know the way he feels.
doesn’t know what we’re talking about.
doesn’t know what he wants.
everyone knows.
but him.”