>ten (quase) tips for life

>courtesy by phillip guo. kdo je to? niam pojma. je pomembno? ni.

1. Don’t make sex tapes … unless you want people to see them.
2. Don’t use manual controls when you don’t absolutely need to do so.
3. Don’t miss … especially when kicking someone in the balls
4. Backup your data … data is everything; hardware is nothing.
5. Parenting is a highly context-sensitive problem.
6. Rational and intelligent progress will come with time (and even feel like it’s natural), assuming that there are competent, hard-working, and adaptable agents assigned to the task.
7. It’s amazing to see the intersection of pedagogy and practicality.
8. If you think that you might possibly need glasses, then go get some glasses!
9. Life is not purely functional. It’s not all about input-output relationships and ‘numerical’ gains. There are side-effects and global environmental variables.
10. More knowledge is always better. Ignorance is often not bliss.