>in my fantasies

>i open the bathroom door, startling you
i walk towards you, motioning to you to be quiet
your flatmate is in the other room
drops of water are still sliding down your body
i follow one as it leaves your neck, between your breasts
over your stomach and curving your belly button

youre staring at me in disbelief
im stepping over all your boundaries
still, you seem to be playing along
you let your towel drop and sit on the edge of bathtub
your legs split open
this is not like you, but im enjoying it

reaching out your hand you pull me closer
our kisses are rushed, to hell with romance
im caught off guard when you push me down
i kneel in front of you
i see lust in your eyes
dont know of anyone else who can make me wet this fast

your legs are on my shoulders, my hands on your back
tongue playing with your clit, your hips thrusting at me
your breathing is uneven, getting more shallow
youre starting to move your hips in that way
moaning, telling me how good it feels
god, it so does!

one last time you pull my hair
inhale deeply, hold it and