>a status sporocila na msnju RES morajo vedno neki pomenit?!

>pri meni namrec ne. vsaj ne vedno.

• many quantum field theorists hypothesize alternate realities. so i suppose anything is possible. you know, like you actually giving a damn.
• {{ fuck the pain away }}
• i used to love h.e.r.
• I’m sorry, there’s currently nothing associated with the keyphrase “my desire for you”.
• Getting my kicks from drunk eBay incidents.
• You left the childlock on, so where the fuck was i to go?
• I’m proving my insignificant points with random arguments and fail to listen to anything disproving me.
• Moving with an economy of energy that’s often confused with napping.
• I just tried to Alt Tab to a book on my desk.
• /me sets mode: +m
• How can you be my personal Jesus if you don’t bobble?
• I started getting dizzy from the liquor on her lips..
• It’s never too early for blasphemy.
• The conclusion was, “Lets go get donuts.”
• This shit is just right. Adjust your needs.
• ..thats why shes going home with me tonite
• I think I need a search engine for my Firefox tabs.
• now im dealing with this black magic one whos just stringing me along
• acércate un poco, vuélveme a besar