>msn hotmail – message

>hehe, niam pojma kdo je tole in me tud ne zanima, ampak tole je najboljši spam mejl, kar sem jih kdajkoli dobla 🙂


“Dear Doofie13,

I’m so sorry I have taken so long to reply to your e-mails. When I received you last one, I was just about to leave work and go on holidays and I was extremely busy. When I returned from Holiday’s I got your e-mail but I thought I would wait to I went back to work to e-mail you so I could send you photos as the hotmail account takes so long to upload them.

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Anyway. I was so shocked and very sad to hear about your mum. I hope things go well for her and it doesn’t get too bad. Can you please pass on my best wishes and hugs to her. She is such a beautiful woman and its so sad for things like this to happen to the good people and not the rotten dirty buggers.
Alannah 15. God I can’t believe how the time has passed so quickly since I visited. You just keep an eye on her and kick her up the butt if she starts heading down the wrong path. But I think she is a very smart girl and knows the right path but has to experience the bad side too… well who hasn’t done that? (no comment from me.. he he)

Well… Randy. When I saw that I did laugh. To me (an aussie) Randy is the stereotypical name for a block in America… On the serious side that’s great for Miranda but not that they are on again off again. I’m sure they will sort it out before the isle comes as it will cost to much to be on again off again.

No kidding, check this link: http://blablabla

I knew you were taking photos of the dancing competitions and working at the photo place (that’s why I have great photos from America cause you worked on them). That’s a big change to become a bartender but I can understand what you mean about the smoke. I’m surprised they allowed smoking in restaurants. They don’t here in Queensland anymore. If they have their way they will charge everyperson who smokes. And its great to hear you are working with animals. Its sad its in that situation

Hahaha, BTW, you must see this site, it’s really funny: http://blablabla

For our honey moon we went to Tasmania for 2 weeks. We hired a car and drove around the hole place. It was so beautiful and full of history (which I love). When I download the photos from my camera I will send you some. I took 7 weeks off work so for three weeks I just bummed around home doing bits and pieces. As you can tell i’m back at work now…but wishing I was still on holidays.

Thats really all that’s happening in my neck of the woods. I will send some more photos…

talk to you soon.

Love to all

Tahaila Van Kleef
Executive Support Officer
Director-General’s Office
Level 13, 111 George Street. “