>i knew i should have stopped but.. (round one)

>she gives me one of those looks that kill me

i doubt she even noticed that time
but she was giving them all afternoon
like when she stared at my piercing
the cute confused expression on her face afterwards
or when she fumbled with cheese from pasta she made

she quickly turns away, its best not to hold eye contact

staring at the floor in front of her, playing with the cigarette
her hair falls forward, next to her cheek
and that little bump on the back of her neck is exposed
i always liked biting that spot, i know it turns her on

she doesnt move, wouldnt want her to anyway

i dont want to control myself, its been too long
i lean in and kiss the back of her neck
the sweetness of her skin comes back to memory
scent and feel of her hair is like yesterday
tip of my tongue finally touches her skin and..

she moved away

round one – round tworound threeround fourround fivethe end