>every time i replied "..on the lips" (round three)

>”i promise im not gonna kiss you,” i reassure her
i dont mean a word.

with my hands in her hair i pull her closer
my hands go lower to her neck
her heart is racing, i can feel it
gently pressing with my fingers
her stare is intense, im not used to it any more
my lips so close to hers i feel her breath
“you said you wouldnt kiss me”

very soon it gets the better of me
i bury my head in that gorgeous spot of hers
where neck connects with her shoulder
i inhale and kiss it slightly, only with my upper lip
then i almost bite, she used to like that
she startles, moves away, looks at me
longingly, “you said you wouldnt kiss me”

i stand there staring into her eyes
she allows one of my hands to wander
down the flank of her body, underneath her t-shirt
i go slow, taking it all in, moment is too precious
to her hip bone, resting there my hand
making a bit of pressure with my thumb
she’s resisting but cant help not to sigh
“ive always loved your hip bone,” i say
she nods, gives me her joker smile, “i know”
i lean in, try to kiss her, she moves away
“you said you wouldnt kiss me”

while im dripping wet, with knots in my stomach
im amazed at how composed she can stay
but i wont let her go now, im holding eye contact
i step in between her legs, hear no complaints from her
first i undo her belt, then top button of her jeans
she pretends to try and stop me when i undo the rest
i run my finger along the line of her panties
she’s breathing so fast, i can feel it on her belly
with fingertips of left hand i trace every curve of her face
thumb lingers on her lips, tip of her tongue touches it
id do anything for a kiss, but a familiar sentence fills the air
“you said you wouldnt kiss me”

i step away, to the left of her
holding the rails of window fence, gripping them
i cant stop the flood of emotions from taking over
they hit me down there, like a punch to my stomach
i sigh, almost out loud, can feel her looking at me
her mouth a bit open, licking her lips
a blank stare in my eyes, thoughts of her fingers in me
i know she loves seeing me like this
shamelessly i confess, “if you touch me right now, ill cum.”

round oneround two – round three – round fourround fivethe end