>can i just watch? (round four)

>zakaj precrtano? ker ni pravga filinga.
vem, rablo mi je vec kot 2 tedna, da spravim tole skupaj, ampak.. ni filinga. ni gut.
shall be updated.

i sat on the bottom cabinets in her kitchen
she was on the chair by the window
her feet resting on the edge of a cabinet
she reached for something in the fridge
i was looking straight ahead, was too nervous
i couldnt stop thinking of what had just happened
but i also didnt want to see regret on her face
finally i came up with the strength to look her way
she was staring at the floor again.

our eyes finally meet, for only a few seconds
we were both embarrassed
as always, we resort to stupid chit-chat
none of us actually cared what it was about
mostly i was just trying to control my breathing
to find that certain something in her look
she was confusing me, avoiding eye contact
but i knew she was still turned on
and i wasnt going to let her cool down.

i go over to her, stand really close
hold her left leg with my knees
making sure she doesnt get up and leave
i repeat everything i did few minutes before
except this time i make sure she knows my intentions
i was going to make her want me
make her want my lips on hers, my fingers in her
i was going to make her want me even more
i was going to make her cross the line.

no idea when she took the initiative
but all of a sudden her left leg was on the table
i kneel down, between her thighs
with my head mere inches away i undo her belt
my lips almost touching her belly, my hand on her hipbone
she was gripping the neckline of my t-shirt
pulling it lower, her fingers wanting to explore
she exhales and moves her hand away
but as i get closer she cant help but move her hips with mine.

then she stops
looks me dead in the eyes
i feel her hand go lower
under her panties
to between her legs
my breathing increased
my mouth got dry in an instant
her eyes turned dark green
pure lust is all i see

and then she pushes me away.

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