>f*u, i have nothing interesting to say

>NEKDO se je zacel pritozevati, ker ni na blogu nic novega. in bom vzela njeno idejo iz zapisa, ki ga proti njeni volji objavljam. ha! (word o’ warning: it could happen to you, too.)

abt bloggers who don’t blog

ever had a morning ritual? well i do, more of them actually. like: getting up, showering first, then drinking that half a liter of water while still in underwear … stuff like that.
it’s true that routine is boring, but when ur eyes are only half open and ur mind isn’t working properly, routine is a blessing. only thing that might happen is u trip on the bag u left lying on the wrong side of the room. one of these routines for many of us is, when sitting down at work, turning on the computer, making coffee and not really wanting to work, but wanna appear as if … reading ur favorite blog.
imagine the shock when there is nothing on it. not even a “f*u i am on holiday” or smth; nothing! routine falls to ruin, u are not able to work since u didn’t get ur morning dose of laughs with ur coffee, u don’t get anything done cause u keep checking the damn blog, the boss catches u reading old posts, since u are sooo desperate and u get fired. now u can’t pay rent and u end up on the street having to beg for food and fags.
all because of them, bloggers who don’t blog :S

had this thought today in the morning 🙂

pa ga imamo. nov post. tee-hee!