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>blast from the past — pt 1

>ker me od vceraj se vedno boli glava (samo tole: #twestivalLj je popolnoma uspel!) in ker mislim vsaj par ur prezivet na red bull upstream tekmovanju v tacnu, vam dam samo en “blast from the past”.

ne vem kako sem se spomnila na ta zapis, ker je ze dokaj star (napisan enkrat lani, o dogodku iz leta 2004). ampak mislim, da ima nekaj zraven en kolega in najin vcerajsni pogovor o portugalski (w00t! T – 12 days!), zakaj in cemu sem sla tja prvic, kaj sem tam delala, itd.
ta post (in nadaljevanje le-tega, to dam gor kdaj drugic) je sicer bil objavljen na blogu kolegice, kjer sem obcasno dala kaj gor. ampak, ona je lena, zato je na koncu blog imel vec mojih postov kot njenih. zakaj “na koncu”? ker je imel tisti blog zame vedno neko povezavo z njo. te sedaj ni vec (v taki meri kot bi hotela jaz), tako da malo stagnira.
mogoce pa se kdaj spravim kaj skupaj in dam tja. never say never, i guess.


(march 15 ’08)
ive met you for the first time only a few hours ago.
yet, it feels like we’ve known each other for way longer.
no, im not trying to be romantic, just telling you how it feels.

dont know if youve noticed, but we’ve been sitting here for a long time.
its gotten dark already. not many people around.
the cold concrete wall behind my back doesnt bother me.
your jacket? no, i dont need it, thanks.

our eye contact has been getting longer, too.
is it intentional? its weird, tho, isnt it?
for the very least, it is unexpected.
we’ve only chatted a few times before todays meeting,
a few distant msgs to someone unknown.
and yet, here i am, toying with the idea of kissing you.

and i know youre toying with me!
of course you knew id love this place, im a sucker for sea.
you had me going from the first minute; dressed in all white,
with your dark skin and a hat to hide your eyes.
why hide them? im not trying to look into your soul.

dont understand why we’re talking about world politics,
who cares? you seriously do? i doubt it.
why dont you touch my hand? it is right next to your left thigh.
what are you waiting for? youre confusing me.

finally i stand up, youve managed to make me nervous.
youve made me question some of my moves.
you sit onto the wall, spread your legs and pull me to yourself.
okey, now we’re getting somewhere.

your lips are soft, you seem nervous, too.
at least you did for first 10 seconds.