scribble scrabble

>hello lover,

>i know you read every word i write.
            sometimes even more than once.
            im a lurker on your blog, too.

                        i miss your words, by the way.

you always think its about someone other than you.
            someone from my past, my imagination, my future.
            especially since i dont use “your” label any more.

                        youre wrong.

i wish i could say youre not in my words, on my mind.
            i whisper g’morning when i wake up, g’night when i go to sleep
            during day i try to ignore you. how am i doing?

                        yes, it takes energy to hug you.

when i think about you i think of colors pink and white.
            the time you take to put on your eyeliner.
            your brown eyes that sometimes pierce unintentionally.

                        i have to go. i want to be happy.