scribble scrabble

>everything about you is forbidden.

>your head in my lap when we lie on the couch, in silence
watching tv is always a struggle of trying to focus
(only when we’re alone i allow myself to watch your lips)

fingers playing with your hair, pausing at your eyebrows
tracing your jaw line from your chin to your ear
(my hands always want to wander down your neck to between your breasts)

taking a chance and kissing back of your neck
hoping youll pull down your shirt, you always do
(by now my lips know the imprint of every curve of your tattoo)

when you lean in and touch my neck only slightly with tip of your tongue
my heart skips a thousand beats, goosebumps are a natural reaction
(blood rushes to my lips)

and when you start to gently bite my earlobe world stops turning
the only thing i can do is inhale and wait till its over, till youve had enough
(i know of noone else who can turn me on so much in merely a second)

when i stare at a wall i feel you walk away with a smile
knowing you wrapped me around your finger again
(ive stopped fighting it, waste of my time)

and all i want is to touch you again.