scribble scrabble


>its that time again when my phone is full
of your late-night messages, before subtle
sexual innuendos turned into shameless
booty calls and urgent requests for release.

you get in my car, the dark gray interior
still goes well with your jackets purple lining.
so many times we’ve created a secret here, its
our own little bubble where reality doesnt hit.

politeness lingers in the air, you choke on the
words, diplomacy is messing with your head.
youre different, cold.
what happened to you?

you try to mask your shallowness, its so sexy
how you pretend to care. every time you leave
you take the risk, knowing i might not be
there. i guess it doesnt matter to you, does it?

i wonder why is this, the craving for your “youre
what i want.” bullshit. i know youll drop me soon.
im a fool, but it doesnt make me want you any less.
you know it, too.