scribble scrabble

>"tell me you like me and i might let you stay."

>i counted the exhales of warm air as the light
from the atm exposed your lips
something startles you, you look at me and pause
“you have that ‘i want to kiss you’ look. stop it.”

but i didnt.

evening went, night was settling in, memories
flushed back in your words. i said ‘lets go out
for a smoke’, you hesitated but followed me
with a smile nonetheless.

i only endured 2min of talk before the kiss.

soft fingers tracing my lips, the feel of your
hand gloves on my cheek, forgetting everything
that wasnt you, your hands holding my face
and your dark brown eyes piercing right thru me.

you linger.

pressing your forehead at my lips, like you
needed it to breathe. you turn and leave me
there, with the city lights you so love, and
i held your taste in my mouth

for days.