scribble scrabble

>#reboundgirl …

>manjsa zajebancija na twitterju z eno kolegico. je rekla, da ne morem. dobro, spoken word res ni moja najmocnejsa stran, ampak jbg, tok slabo mi pa spet ne gre.
rezultat spodaj.

i could smell the secrets that lingered on her breath;
staring into my eyes, choking on words that were messing with her head »

and whilst shes desperately trying to find something to jest at;
i wonder what bullshit line of mine she fell for flat »

was it depth of her eyes, touch of her tongue, shape of her lower lip?
does she not know its a one-way ticket on a pleasure trip? »

consumed by lust, rush of forgotten emotions, that awkward gaze
each kiss, meshing bodies, all end in a melodic phrase: »

“call you tomorrow i will, we’ll sit and talk, over orange juice and toast.”
in reality, 5 twits youll get… at the most. »