scribble scrabble

your free verse.

her hands kept “accidentally” touching my crotch, to see if i was turned on.
i wasnt.
which was unusual. i’m most often wet before my pants come off.
unusual because her inner thigh is my favourite place to rest my hand, and if i could id put up a tent between her legs and live there, with my tongue teasing her clit every morning and before her afternoon tea.

so she tries harder. she pushes harder. she moans louder. she bites my neck harder.

but its just not hard enough.

all she wants me to do is bend her over the edge of bed, spread her legs, ram that 20€ substitute inside her, leave bite marks on her back, call her a dirty slut and make her cum a thousand times in my mouth.

but all i want to do is

fall in love.