scribble scrabble, ti

i never wanted to write our breakup poem.

almost a year ago you met the child within
me on a playground outside my window and
brought words, words i cant dare to speak yet
they stick to my fridge, the same night i kissed
your cheek, inhaled your scent and
forgot to exhale.
six months later i didnt care how this would end
cus right then and there, as you wrapped your
arm around my neck, kissed my back and said
i knew ill love you forever.
it came too soon, last week, i waved you
goodbye when you ripped my heart out with
your last glance, ignoring my tears as i walked
home and swallowing words i shouldve said,
“maybe i need you.”.
words i shouldve written in thousand posts,
formatted and proof-read by the lines of my heart,
meant only for you, but it all ends, it
always ends,
even those love songs i wrote and never showed.
yesterday i carved my feelings for you into
my skin, promising myself theyll never change,
and today,
today im writing this and i never wanted to write
our breakup poem, but here it is.
the end.